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When you hire my carpet cleaning sevice "You Will Get The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen", I Gaurantee it! OR IT'S FREE!

I know that that was a very bold statement to make. Hello. I'm Richard Moore and I started in the business of carpet cleaning way back in 1989. I am the owner and manager  of A+ Organic Carpet Cleaning located in New Jersey and New York City. I wanted to take just a few moments of your time, just to share with you a little about the company and also about myself and explain to you my dedication towards the carpet cleaning and fabric cleaning industry. After cleaning carpets and upholstery for all this time I have come to be grateful for my experiences that I have acquired. I have met and worked with some of the nicest people on earth. I have learned from some of the masters in the industry and have taught many apprentices. In my life I have owned and managed several carpet and upholstery cleaning franchises, I have been a sub-contracted for major department stores such as Sears, A and S, and Macys. In addition to the department stores I have also subcontracted for a few Nationwide cleaning services. Many times I have been called to aid as an expert in the field by carpet warranty companies. My company has already cleaned more than 12 Million square ft of carpet and we are not stopping any time soon.  I am 45 years old and I'm married since 1990 to my wife Pamela. I also have 2 teenage sons, Daniel is going to be 18, Eddie is soon to be 17. You can say that I am a very hard working family man.

In the past I have cleaned with the all typical methods that the average carpet cleaner would use. You may have heard about these common cleaning procedures. To list a few: there is,  steam cleaning,  The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process, the shampooing process, host carpet cleaning,  the capture or chemical compound carpet cleaning process , the double process carpet cleaning, hot water extraction. Each one of these cleaning techniques can clean the carpet well however in my experience when I would call a customer back a day or two after the cleaning to make sure the customer was more than happy with my work,  I mostly heard very good responses on the phone but sometimes I did not. That really bothered me, I know I worked hard, I know I did everything I could do to get that carpet as clean as possible. Where did I go wrong?

Some of the problems that customers mentioned to me were:

               Carpet had taken too long to dry

                Carpet had a sour odor while drying

                Carpet buckled

                Carpet shrank

                Carpet was sticky or stiff

                Carpet looked good after cleaning but got dirty within a few months.

You may already know that carpets and rugs can get soiled or dirty faster after the older carpet cleaning procedures. This happens when the  soapy residue is let behind in the carpet or rug fibers. Also the padding that is under the carpet can get wet or damp and this may cause musty or  moldy odors. Some customers have reported a sour smell. This  may happen after cleaning the carpet in the basement because there is less air flow below ground in addition to it being a damper environment. Sometimes there can be strong odor or scent of the chemicals that were used in the cleaning , Some dry-Chemical Cleaning process can leave behind chemicals that you just would never want in your home, The well-known steam cleaning process has been known to cause the carpet to shrink or even buckle, and also damage to seems.

We have met and spoken to a few other  professional carpet cleaners to see if they shared this problem. Because if they did I needed to know what they do to prevent it. I honestly  didn't like the responses I received from them. The information that some of the other cleaners offered me was "That is the reason why I  have insurance", or even " It happens, what could we do?" I thought to myself What can we do? That's exactly why we have insurance? None of this seemed right to me. They were telling me that they felt that they did the best they could and you can’t please everyone -  it’s the customers problem! This is not exactly what they were saying but that’s how I felt. My customers  are very important to me. That is how I make my living, feed my family, I cannot think this way. We need a much better approach!

So what did I do? I Found a Much Better Way!

The New Hybrid 7 Step Carpet Cleaning System

It took a lot of thinking and some effort but I found a much better way, my repeat customers love this new  process. I know You will too.

Here’s Why:

1. All Carpets are cleaned using a 100% Organic All Natural Cleaning Solution (so safe I can drink it)

2. It is considered an A+ Allergy Cleaning method.

3. Carpet are cleaned as well as dried in only three hours.

4. Carpets and rugs appear to be new again.

5. Tough on stains, even some older stains that were not removed from past cleanings.

6. Your matted down traffic areas are like new and the pile is now lifted.

7. Excellent results on older and newer carpets.

8. Safe for Scotch-Guarded or Stain-master carpet and rugs.

Here is the Bottom line. "You will get the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning That You Have Ever Seen, Guaranteed or its FREE" and at the same time you will know that all the cleaning was performed with the safest cleaning process available.

Here is my personal Guarantee to You:

I am so confident,  that you will absolutely love the cleaning that we do in your home or office. I have put together a 100% Iron Clad No B.S. Guarantee: If you are not 100% thrilled or dissatisfied at all, we are going to re-clean it again. Now, In case you are still not thoroughly 100% Thrilled with our performance, We (you and I together) will hire a different carpet cleaning company and if they can do something that my Hybrid cleaning process wasn't able to, then I will return the 100% of money that you gave us to clean that area, Sound Fair? It gets even better because I will pay the other carpet cleaning company myself. You won't pay to the area that you were not happy with. Not one dime. Honestly, can you think of any Guarantee that could be better?

I have to be honest with you, this has never happened and probably never will. BUT if it does it is still a win - win situation for both me and you. You get everything that you paid for and something that you didn't (I did) but I get something much more valuable to me then money. I will get an education from the other cleaner. I love to learn and if someone knows something that I don’t. That motivates me to learn more. Like I said before. I started this in 1989. When I first started I was very young and even then I had the vision to be the best carpet cleaner ever.

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Family Owned and Operated!


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